The New Year Starts After The Birthday

It’s the day after my birthday and today, I am beginning my 16:8 intermittent fasting journey.

My best friend told me that, combined with squats, she lost 10 lbs in 22 days (if I remember correctly). It was encouraging news, but I didn’t try it then.

What happened was, a week ago I told my brother about it and he started it. Without an app, just plain started eating at 12pm and didn’t eat anything after 8pm. And then when I saw him again on my birthday he told me his shirts are already feeling a bit more loose? So I figured… why not try? Am I scares? Actually I’m scared of getting disappointed.

I am already on a no rice diet and I follow a walking for weight-loss program and to be honest, although I feel good exercising, I never lose any weight. So trying stuff isn’t new to me and it would be nice to finally find something that works.

I’ve also started with making basic macrame plant hangers with jute strings I buy from Japan Home. At first I thought it was going to be easy, since I used to make friendship bracelets, but after maybe 30 minutes of trying to figure it out without watching any Youtube guides, I realized I needed 8 strings, not 4!

DIY jute macrame plant hanger
My first jute macrame plant hanger

It is so plain I can hardly call it macrame hahhahaah but it is functional. So tonight, I made a couple more after I finished FINISHING my kitchen project.

The kitchen project

When the house was being built, I didn’t plan my kitchen well. I actually never had a house built before, so I had no experience and since we are not likely going to have a second house… I am stuck with my current kitchen layout.

That means I have no exhaust hood. And I have no proper backsplash. And because oil splatters look so bad on paint, I decided to cover the wall in aluminum heat-resistant self-adhesive wallpaper.

I procrastinated for a very long time but today, I finally finished it 🥳 Below is a picture of the underside of the shelf that I needed to cover. My mom told me to cover it because oil would find its way up there above my stove. However I am afraid of heights and I need to stand on a stool to reach it and I guess that put me off of doing it. (Excuses, excuses!)

Aluminum self-adhesive heat-resistant wallpaper. Is that a circuit breaker box near my stove, you ask? I wish that weren’t true but yes it is.

And here is the small plant hanger I made for my propagated string of hearts. I had purchased a string of hearts together with a string if pearls. For some reason, I killed the string of pearls 😂

String of hearts

Maybe one day I’ll make more stylish plant hangers but for now, I quite like to keep it simple 😊

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