The Face Shop Anti-Aging Face Mask

I never had a complex skin care routine. I just washed my face and put moisturizer. I brushed my face while I showered, to exfoliate. Lately though, I noticed that all the moisturizers I’ve tried, didn’t make my skin look very hydrated. It didn’t look ‘fresh’ anymore. I drank a lot of water, too!

I mean, I knew I wasn’t young anymore, what with all these aches and pains after gardening! But I just didn’t realize that my skin problem was part of aging, lol!

It’s kinda fun becoming more kikay again in my late 30s, so aside from now using toners, collagen pills and vitamin c for my skin, I’ve now added face masks, too!

I had purchased some kasoy oil (cashew oil) for my dad and as I was opening the package, I had accidentally cut through a face mask, that I didn’t know was included by the seller as a freebee.

Cucumber face mask Cucumber face mask by Prince’s Secret

Since the pack was leaking, I decided to use it. It was cool on the face and the result was good! My skin really looked hydrated. I decided to add face masks to my skin care regimen.

Actually, I had a face mask in my fridge from last Christmas. (Yeah, I really wasn’t into it!) Tried that tonight and uh… it was weird. It was a 2 piece mask, with foil and a mesh 😳

Aluminum face mask
Anti-aging face mask by The Face Shop

I thought I could link to the product in Lazada, but I couldn’t find it there and I’d already put the pack in the trash 😑

It gave me a very very slight warm sensation between my lips and my nose, like putting alcohol there. It has no smell, at least none that I can recall, minutes after taking it off.

I rinsed off the rest from my face because I can’t go to bed with a slimy face 😂 I rubbed the excess liquid on my neck and arms and it’s a little sticky.

I don’t know how much more effective this is than the cucumber one, since anti-aging isn’t exactly something you can see, but I don’t think I will use this mask again, especially since it costs almost 200PHP. It was fun, though 😁

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