Our Cat Maxi Can’t Pee

Our cat Maxi is confined at the vet for feline UTI. His bladder was full and he couldn’t pee. I believe it’s been a few days since he’d been having trouble, but it was hard to tell since he’s an outdoor cat and doesn’t really use the litter box at home.

Maxi, weakened from blockage in the urethra
I made him a bed but he didn’t want it. He laid himself down in the middle of my kitchen mess, like he was really, reaaally tired

Two different vets tried to examine him but they couldn’t, because he wouldn’t let strangers touch him. He trusts only myself and my husband. The only way to examine our angry cat was to sedate him, and they didn’t want to because he might die.

Luckily, one of the vets recommended we try Wags & Whiskers in Silang, Cavite. We were told they had better anesthesia and a pet handler that could work with our cat.

Wags & Whiskers in Silang, Cavite

Wags & Whiskers reception desk, Silang, Cavite

I love our local vets, they are kind and do their best to treat pets, but they don’t have a lot of equipment like xray machines, incubators, machines for blood chem and urinalisys, etc. Also, there’s not much room at our local vets…

Imagine, they along with my husband, were attempting to examine Maxi who was scared to death and hostile, and then the door opened and two men came in with a German shepherd and two half-German shepherd puppies! Our cat could have panicked, scratched my husband to ribbons 😭 and/or bolted out the door and got himself run over by cars 🥺

So we were pretty impressed with what we saw at Wags & Whiskers. We’ve been to Animal House in Alabang before, and I was under the impression that their clientele was mostly from the affluent neighborhoods around Alabang, and they had good equipment and their prices were very much higher (we went there also during an emergency), but what we experienced at Wags & Whiskers was better!

I mean, the place was smaller but it had a small seating area, and very importantly, the front door was always locked! A receptionist would let people in/out. They also have a couple of examination rooms, also with doors. There were doors everywhere, actually! I felt reassured that a terrified animal wouldn’t be able to flee that place.

They also didn’t seem to mind, that we brought in a local cat, a puspin. I have been to some vets (and talked to various people ) and they seemed to be incredulous that people would care so much for a puspin. I mean like, why the hell would we treat our Siamese cats differently from our puspin cats?! I don’t understand the snobbery!!! Someone even asked me we fed the puspins rice and gave the Siamese all the cat food! If you adopted a light-skinned human child and a dark-skinned human child, would you feed them differently? Of course not, they are both your children!

And one more thing, the place was clean and it smells like a hospital. I mean, it smells cleaner than some hospitals I’ve been to!

The only place that had a smell was that one room where a small dog was let loose, and he had peed and pooped on the floor. (Later, he was put in a big cage, so I assumed that he was let loose before because he didn’t want to poop inside his cage.)

They were able to do an x-ray, blood chem and urinalysis all within 30 minutes, and none of them got bitten or scratched. Granted, Maxi was so weak he couldn’t stand anymore, they also didn’t have a hard time putting in a catheter.

And so he is confined there right now, but I’m sure he is in good hands. If he wasn’t, we would’ve taken him home. We’ve lost a cat and a dog at a vet, and we don’t want to lose another pet while we aren’t there with him. Our pets are our children.

As you can see, there is blood in his urine. In the dead of night before we had brought him there, he howled and howled and then at around 7am, he had forcibly removed the blockage and was able to pee a bit, but he had hurt himself so bad that he was bleeding.

The vet said not to worry, the catheter will ensure he keeps on peeing, and that soon there will be no more blood.

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