Finally flu-free!

I was sick for three days during which time, my husband took care of me, the house, and our eight cat-children while working from home.

When I finally emerged from my blanket cocoon, my caladium secretly grew two new leaves, my mushrooms have spawned and died and something has started eating my basil 🌿

Two new leaves on a caladium thai beauty

I find my caladium Thai beauty to be a bit fussy when it comes to sunlight requirements, but what keeps me motivated to take care of it (aside from its beauty hehehe) is that as soon as you cut off some dying/struggling leaves, it will start growing new ones a couple of days later πŸ’š

So basically, it isn’t as delicate as it appears to be πŸ˜‰

Oyster mushrooms, some dead, some aliveMy plants, my responsibility. My husband never told me to stop buying plants and has never complained that I have too many. So I let my mushrooms get neglected while I was sick.

It wasn’t a big deal though. I have 20 fruiting bags. 3 mushrooms died ( no worries they will grow back) but 4 mushrooms appeared on bags that didn’t have any before I got sick πŸ„

So all in all, it was still a good harvest 😁

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