An Unwanted Guest Audiobook Review

An unwanted guest audiobook cover

Disclaimer: I’m not a book critic, I’m simply describing my experience listening to this audiobook 😊

Instagram keeps introducing apps to me! I finally succumbed to subscribing to Otto Radio, because their slogan said “just like Netflix, but for books”. Audiobooks have been around for a while now, right? It’s just that…. the Amazon Audibles are just a little on the expensive side and I didn’t even buy books on Kindle anymore, so I never signed up for it.

So when I found out about Otto Radio, I was thrilled! (Thanks, Instagram!) I can now listen to a lot of books, at an affordable price! I can download them as well, so I can listen even when I have no wi-fi!

Otto Radio is now called Hibooks (just in case you’re interested 😆)

So how does one review an audiobook? I don’t really know, so I’ll just comment on 1)the story and 2)the narrator’s style 😁

The story

Have you ever heard of a game called “Until Dawn”? The setting of the story reminded me of that.

It’s just a prank, Han

(A famous line from Until Dawn)

But we’re getting sidetracked here 😂

So there’s a lot of snow around the hotel, and this is a murder mystery, so you can imagine that there’s going to be a murder. 😬

But seriously, as an non-native English-speaker, Shari Lapena did a wonderful job using vocabulary that is easy to understand.

Frequently, when reading books, I have to stop and google the meaning of certain words. While this undoubtedly expands ones own vocabulary, it can yank you back into reality and interrupt your immersion into the story.

Era of the story: contemporary. Iphones were mentioned in the book.

Does the story remind me of another story? No.

Character depiction: were you able to visualize these people, were they believable, were you able to distinguish their personalities from the others?

About 50% of that was done by the narrator, so…

I don’t think I can tell what everyone’s hair color is, but I did have a specific face and hair imagined for them. Did I find them believable… uhm there’s only a few parts that bothered me.

The story was written from the point of view of nearly all (if not all) the people mentioned in the book. Whilst I can easily understand that the female characters analyze their thoughts and clearly describe their feelings, I somehow find it less believable when the men in the story do the same. I just find it hard to believe that a man would describe his feelings and explain them. I know it’s for the benefit of the reader and it’s probably a personal bias but still…maybe other ways could have been used to convey feelings?

Anyway. I was able to correctly guess who the murderer was, but not the reasons for murder.

Audiobook narrator

(That’s not her picture, by the way)

This wasn’t the first audiobook I’d ever listened to but somehow, I was still surprised to hear her voice.

Wow! A professional is reading me a story!

The quality of the recording was of course very good, with only very very small hints of noise cancellation.

Hillary Hubert’s narration was great. She did impressions (?) of each character: she does deep voices for men, super deep gravelly voice for grandpa, and so on. I didn’t expect that at all and was really very pleasantly surprised 😊

Would I recommend this audiobook? Absolutely! I listened to it while I was doing things around the house, it’s like watching tv in your mind!

Comment below if you were able to guess the murderer’s identity!

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